'Divine' Bitcoin Message Issued by Michael Saylor Leaves Community Pondering

'Divine' Bitcoin Message Issued by Michael Saylor Leaves Community Pondering

This message provoked a mixed reaction from the cryptocurrency community.

The Bitcoin community eagerly responded to that message. Prominent crypto YouTuber Lark Davis stated: “There’s nothing like Bitcoin.” The official account of the Kraken exchange pointed out that this time Saylor has come dangerously close to talking about a new Bitcoin religion in his tweet as it stated: “Wake up babe, new religion just dropped.”

Another X/Twitter user commented that Saylor’s “Bitcoin posts keep getting more and more extreme.”

Earlier today, the prominent Bitcoiner also published a BTC post with a motto from Disney’s Mandalorian film series, stating that “Bitcoin is The Way.”

The Bitcoin community, and altcoin holders too, always look forward to this event that takes place every four years, having been programmed so by the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The halving will indicate a massive drop in the annual Bitcoin supply injected onto the market. Based on this, what many Bitcoiners refer to as “supply shock,” prominent crypto analyst and entrepreneur Willy Woo expects the BTC price to skyrocket after the halving.

Kiyosaki values not only Bitcoin but also gold, silver and real estate. However, per the tweet, he prefers to invest in these things directly – to buy real Bitcoin, physical silver and gold, mines and residential blocks. He would rather stay away from Wall Street tools such as exchange-traded funds, he wrote.

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