Bitcoin (BTC) Bears' $145 Million Bloodbath: $45,000 Price Surge Pulls Liquidations Up

Bitcoin (BTC) Bears' $145 Million Bloodbath: $45,000 Price Surge Pulls Liquidations Up

This sudden and robust price action on Bitcoin is a clear indication of the continuation of the bull run, signaling a potent start to the year. A breakthrough above the $45,000 mark not only indicates good things for market sentiment but also fortifies the belief that the bullish market is continuing. The next major event on the horizon is the anticipated approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the second week of January.

Source: Investors, while optimistic, should brace for volatility as the market might experience a “sell the news” event post-ETF approval. Such events typically occur when the price of an asset rises in anticipation of a positive event and then falls after the event occurs as traders take profits.

The moving averages on the chart present a strong bullish pattern, with the price now well above both the 50-day and the 200-day moving averages, suggesting a strong uptrend. The 50-day moving average, in particular, appears to be acting as dynamic support for the price, indicating sustained bullish pressure.

Volume bars show an increase in trading activity around the breakout point, confirming the momentum behind the move. The Relative Strength Index is ascending toward overbought territory, reflecting the strong buying pressure that has accompanied the recent price surge.

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