Blast L2 TVL Over $830 Million, Upgrade Announced by Paradigm

Blast L2 TVL Over $830 Million, Upgrade Announced by Paradigm

The new time-locked upgrade system is open source from the onset and can be used by projects interested in “emulating” Blast, he stressed. Robinson attached two GitHub Gist links with the updates to the LaunchBridge.sol contract.

In particular, the withdrawAndLosePoints function is affected. As explained by Paradigm’s GP, the upgrade is aimed at “setting a better precedent.”

As covered by U.Today previously, Blast was criticized for abusing the L2 narrative, promoting a “single-node sidechain” as an Ethereum-based rollup.

However, criticism fails to prevent Blast from reaching new highs in terms of total value locked (TVL). By press time, LPs injected over $838 million in equivalent in USDC, DAI and Ethereum (ETH), as displayed by the DefiLlama tracker.

Largely, this sum was injected in the first days of Blast’s public beta launch. In its Dune Analytics dashboard, crypto investor 21Shares Blast as the fastest-growing network, stressing that it cannot be treated as a second-layer scaling solution:

DefiLlama also Blast as a yield farming app, not as a separate L2 blockchain on Ethereum (ETH).

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