'Send Bitcoin (BTC) to the Moon': Arthur Hayes Awaits December Gifts

'Send Bitcoin (BTC) to the Moon': Arthur Hayes Awaits December Gifts

In a spirited message, Hayes emphasized his desire for Powell to make a bold move by slashing interest rates and propelling Bitcoin to new heights.

Hayes’ enthusiasm is not without cause. Historically, December has proven to be a bullish month for , particularly when preceded by positive closures in October and November.

Bitcoin’s Quarterly Returns by The focus of Hayes’ optimism lies in his anticipation of a monetary policy shift by Powell. The former BitMex CEO predicts a pivot toward easing monetary policy and lowering interest rates.

In simpler terms, Hayes expects the metaphorical “money printer” to be activated, resulting in cheaper money and an upswing in the value of financial assets, with Bitcoin at the forefront.

As the crypto community eagerly awaits Powell’s speech, Arthur Hayes’ bold predictions and contagious enthusiasm set the stage for an exciting December. The prospect of Bitcoin ascending to new heights is intricately linked to the potential actions of the Federal Reserve, creating a buzz within the crypto space.

The question on everyone’s mind is: will Powell’s words and actions indeed send to the moon this December? The crypto world is poised for a thrilling ride.

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