US Senate Democrats tee up bill to avert government shutdown

US Senate Democrats tee up bill to avert government shutdown


Disputes within the fractious House of Representatives Republican majority have prevented that chamber from voting on a stopgap funding measure known as a continuing resolution, or CR.

If House Republicans fail to start that process in time, Senate Democrats could pass a bill of their own, which would need House approval, to head off the fourth partial government shutdown in a decade.


* Congress has not yet finished with the 12 appropriations bills it needs to pass to fund the government through Sept. 30.

* It passed a temporary funding bill on Sept. 30 to give it more time, but shortly afterward, a small group of House hardliners ousted then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy over the deal, kicking off a three-week leadership fight that ended in the election of Republican Mike Johnson on Oct. 25.

* The two parties do not agree on a topline 2024 spending figure. Democratic President Joe Biden and McCarthy in May set a $1.59 trillion discretionary spending budget, but hardline Republicans have pushed for an additional $120 billion in cuts.

* The United States recorded a nearly $1.7 trillion deficit in its most recent fiscal year, its largest since a budget gap fueled by the COVID pandemic.


* Democrats and Republicans in both chambers will continue negotiations on finding a path forward ahead of the deadline, in the hopes of averting a shutdown.

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