What is Hooked Protocol, and how does it work?

What is Hooked Protocol, and how does it work?

Three main elements in the Hooked ecosystem are gamified learning, a mechanism for incentives and an integrated infrastructure of businesses.

Hooked Protocol follows a three-pronged approach to incentivize Web3 adoption:

Gamified learning

Hooked Protocol has adopted an immersive and inquisitive Web3 education methodology. Hooked Academy Sensei enables users to converse with virtual tutors integrated with ChatGPT. There are virtual tutors with special characters who have the capability to interact like humans.

Hooked Academy, meanwhile, provides 30-second meme videos to help users learn. These videos with artificial intelligence-powered characters make the learning process structured and engaging.


To accelerate adoption, Hooked Protocol has a mechanism of incentives:

  • Quiz-to-Earn: Participants take quizzes to learn about Web3 fundamentals and get rewarded with tokens.
  • Proof-of-Work-and-Time (PoWT) Mining Game: Onboarders mine to earn using the PoWT mechanism, a consensus method bringing in a variable block time scalable with mining power.
  • Social Referral: Users get compensated for recommending their Web3 social network to others.
  • Stake and Swap: Users can hone their skills in Web3 concepts, such as staking, trading and transferring crypto tokens.

Infrastructure for businesses

Hooked Protocol has rolled out integrated infrastructure to provide Web3 onboarding solutions for business enterprises. Examples of such infrastructure include a login process with a decentralized identity, a user growth engine and a social network integrated interface. The Hooked Soulbound Token acts as the sole digital identity, granting community members access to the Web3 space.

Users also get access to the Hooked Wallet, which enables them to maneuver and orient with Web3 transactions, such as transferring cryptocurrency tokens, swapping and staking.

The protocol intends to build a blockchain infrastructure with rollup applicability, which will facilitate the consolidation of all ecosystem assets and data. Moving computational logic and data onto application rollups will make the protocol scalable.

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