Conway Says Crypto Is a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Conway Says Crypto Is a Multi-Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Silicon Valley “super angel’’ Ron Conway expressed his views regarding the present and future of crypto in a recent interview.

In the interview, Conway explained that he sees the crypto economy as the next multi-trillion-dollar opportunity.

Conway further said,

What is more, Conway is an early investor of Coinbase, Airbnb, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), and Google.

As per Conway, San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase is now the new Google for the crypto economy. “I absolutely believe that Coinbase is the Google for the crypto economy and opens this huge opportunity to consumers,” stated Conway.

In addition, Conway expressed that though the crypto sector is growing at a fast pace, this is just the beginning. Also, Conway explained that Coinbase focuses more on the entire crypto market making it the biggest crypto exchange.

In fact, Coinbase successfully listed its shares on Nasdaq. Thus, Coinbase is the first crypto exchange to go public.

Further, Conway also said that Coinbase has a catchy brand that heavily attracts new customers via its user-friendly design.

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