ABN Amro to settle money laundering probe for $574 million

ABN Amro to settle money laundering probe for $574 million

ABN Amro said in a statement it had agreed to pay a fine of 300 million euros and 180 million euros as disgorgement reflecting “the seriousness, scope and duration of the identified shortcomings” in combating money laundering.

The investigation into ABN started a year after fellow Dutch bank ING paid a record fine of 775 million euros to settle a similar case.

Prosecutors in September 2019 accused ABN Amro of failing to spot accounts involved in money laundering, failing to end relations with suspicious clients and failing to report such transactions to the relevant authorities.

“This settlement marks the end of a painful and disappointing episode for ABN Amro,” Chief Executive Robert Swaak said.

“The lessons we have learned from this experience drive us in our continued effort as gatekeepers to achieve a safer society and a financial system that meets the highest standards of integrity,” he said.

ABN said it deeply regretted the matter and “that it has fallen short in the fulfilment of its role as gatekeeper aimed at combating money laundering.”

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