Pompliano Praises Coinbase IPO Team For Investor Livestream

Pompliano Praises Coinbase IPO Team For Investor Livestream

American crypto advocate Anthony Pompliano has tweeted about the Coinbase Initial Public Offering (IPO) event.

About the tweet, Pompliano said that he appreciates how the Coinbase team chose not to do interviews with the media about their Initial Public Offering (IPO) event.

Rather, the Coinbase team disclosed that they will do a livestream interview with their investors instead of addressing the media.

Also, based on the tweet, Pompliano strongly stated that individuals do not need a third party to tell their story for them. Instead of waiting for others to narrate Coinbase’s IPO live stream, Pompliano advised individuals to access it directly.

Of note, Pompliano’s Coinbase IPO tweet got a lot of attention. In fact, in response to the tweet, people were curious to know when the Coinbase livestream will start. In addition, the Twitter community reacted positively to the news.

On the other hand, both Binance exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) and Pompliano recently reacted to a Bitcoin tweet by Elon Musk. The two responded to Musk’s tweet about wanting to get paid in Bitcoin.

Notably, Pompliano is the Co-Founder and partner of Morgan Creek Capital. He often makes bullish statements about cryptos.

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