Crypto Analyst Poll Shows 20% Public Interest in Buying COIN

Crypto Analyst Poll Shows 20% Public Interest in Buying COIN

Lark Davis, a Bitcoin investor and crypto enthusiast, got curious about the Coinbase initial public offering (IPO) in Nasdaq. This IPO will happen on April14,2021, and will carry the ticker COIN. Furthermore, the Coinbase IPO event made Lark release a survey using his personal account on Twitter.

Based on the survey’s current statistics, almost 20% of the respondents from the survey agreed to invest in COIN. On the other hand, 25% of the respondents say that they still prefer buying Bitcoin over investing in COIN.

In terms of IPO strategy, COIN will not do the traditional procedure in acquiring IPO. As a result, COIN will follow a direct listing approach and will post its shares directly on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

This technique that COIN has chosen is not commonly used by companies entering the stock market. However, COIN is confident that this technique will work due to its established popularity in the crypto market. Moreover, this event that Coinbase has been doing is a great achievement in the crypto world. Indeed, this is proof that the crypto world continues to maintain its stability despite the market

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