WWE's Undertaker NFTs auction ends with over $130k

WWE's Undertaker NFTs auction ends with over $130k

According to reports, these NFTs are a collection of clips and breathtaking moments from the life of multiple award-winning and legendary wrestler Undertaker aka The Deadman. Scheduled to drop hours before the 2021 WrestleMania, the NFTs were divided into 4 tiers — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum as reported by BTC Peers.

As the annual wrestling event came to an end, NFT marketplace BitSki revealed that over $130,000 were made from the sale of these collections.

The Bronze edition NFTs sold for $200, the Silver editions for $2,000, the Gold edition for $30,000, and the Platinum for $100,000, taking the total to $132.200.

In addition to selling off these collections, the WWE recorded one of the fastest sales in the NFT space — the Silver edition was sold out in 17 seconds.

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