Is The NFT Craze Over?

Is The NFT Craze Over?

For weeks, the media has been brought to a standstill by a flurry of sales surrounding the crypto asset class non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs.

Enter The NFT Season

NFTs – unique digital assets in a blockchain used to represent digital forms of objects such as music, art, videos, and images, have been around since as early as 2012 – 2013 when Colored Coins entered the crypto space. However, they received renewed interest in 2021, constantly being in the headlines.

NFTs hit the media hard with a string of outstanding, or, in some people’s eyes, scandalous, sales of digitized tokens. The NFT mania made its way into the music, gaming, sports, poetry, art, and luxury industries.

Some sales made people question whether we all lost it during the lockdown. Many observers have linked the sudden interest in the asset class to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the most eye-catching NFT sales include:

According to the data tracking site, more than 160,000 NFT sales were completed in February. Total NFT sales in 2020 were worth about $250 million. However, February alone saw sales exceeding $220 million, according to

In March, OpenSea reported that the transaction volume on their platform grew over 100 times in the last six months. OpenSea reported a monthly sale of $95.2 million in February.

Is The NFT Craze Over?

After an impeccable start to the year, there are signs that the NFT craze might just be winding down. The average price for an NFT on April 5 was about $1,256. In February, the average price for an NFT was pegged above $4,000, according to

The claim of declining interest in non-fungible tokens is backed by another crypto research firm, The Block. The company reported a similarly large decline for both prices and NFT sales.

According to The Block, weekly trade volumes, as well as other trade metrics for NFTs, have decreased steadily since mid-February.

On the Flipside

The weekly volume, user volume, and transactions on NFT marketplaces all suggest a decline in interest. However, based on the crypto market, we should all know by now that it may be too early to pass the verdict on whether NFTs are done for.

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