Binance Tops Chart as the Most Visited DEX in March

Binance Tops Chart as the Most Visited DEX in March

According to a SimilarWeb report, Binance has secured the top spot as the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest web traffic in March 2021. The report was shared by ICO Analytics on its official Twitter account.

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, retweeted the post to add his thanks for the support Binance received from its users and partners. Additionally he tweeted saying, “We are by no means perfect. Still struggling heavily on customer support. Working on it. Adding 5x more helpdesk staff, among other things”.

Moreover, the report states that Binance had a massive lead over the other exchanges listed on the report. To be precise, Binance saw a smashing total of 285 million visitors on its platform in March alone. This was a 37% increase compared to February 2021.

Coinbase followed suit with 77 million visits in March. It saw a 17% drop in visitors compared to last month. Next on the list was Kraken with 18 million visitors and a 30% drop compared to February.

Meanwhile, out of the top ten on the list, KuCoin saw a 37% increase in visitors this month when compared to last month as well. It is at number 10 on the list and received 8.5 million visitors this March 2021.

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