Polkastarter Council Officially Announces Its New Members

Polkastarter Council Officially Announces Its New Members

The Polkastarter Council, a committee that aims to attract the highest quality projects in the blockchain space, has added new members. These members are a group of world-class independent companies that believe in the potential of blockchain technology.

Specifically, the new members include Huobi Polkadot Ecosystem Fund, Polygon, Alchemy, OKEx’s Blockdream Fund, Signum Capital, NGC Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, and Eric Wang on the Polkastarter Council. Indeed, this collaboration could attract the attention of the crypto and blockchain world.

Furthermore, all these new members share the same goal and vision for the crypto world. Above all, each member added to the Polkastarter Council has been selected with the highest standards of Polkastarter. In other words, the new members of the council are sure to help Polkastarter on its journey in developing blockchain projects in the crypto space.

Some of the newly added members shared their thoughts on the matter.

Huobi Polkadot Ecosystem Fund said,

Moreover, Polygon shared,

Also, Alchemy added,

Furthermore, these new members will be joining the Polkastarter Council’s existing four council members — Digital Finance Group (DFG), AU21 Capital, Astronaut Capital, and Moonrock Capital. In total, there are now twelve members of the Polkastarter Council that support each other in the crypto and blockchain space.

More so, the Polkastarter Council has already supported 40 projects in the crypto space since April 2. Also, the council has received over 6592 ETH via 80 pools with a whopping combined market cap of almost $2 billion. Truly, the growing community of the Polkastarter Council, almost 260,000 globally, has benefited from this crypto ecosystem.

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