Cards, games, and NFTs: an interview with Andras Kristof

Cards, games, and NFTs: an interview with Andras Kristof

Defining role in this enterprise is set aside for emerging trends like Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. Built on one of the two Ethereum token standards – ERC-721 or ERC-1155, these tokens possess unique characteristics that cannot be reiterated, in contrast to fungible tokens. Reaching the value exceeding $250 million by 2020, this latest blockchain economy progression is predicted to turn ecstatic in 2021.

But even having said so, art is not the only factor that makes the NFT market flourish. The latest testament to this is the emergence of the so-called ‘meme economy’ – the term used to describe the framework for those who aspire to buy or sell memes. Kick-started by Chris Tarres, the artist-creator who recently sold the internet rattler Nyan Cat for $600K (or 300 ETH), the idea of creating memes and trading them on a blockchain is promised to transform into a new obsession. For developers, this means that they will finally be appraised in full for the work spent on programming and design. For a wider community, that would give an opportunity to own a meme.

Now, another project is gleaming on the horizon. EtherCards, the project aimed at building the platform with value-maximizing opportunities for NFTs, is an equally-valued lucky find for both creators and artists, as well as fans of a new generation of online entertainment delivered by blockchain. Intending to expand the marketplace as well as to allure more creative artists, EtherCard constructed a system where everyone may participate in building blocks for ticketing, puzzles, bounties and various other utilities, as well as get rewarded for that.

Seizing a chance to speak with Andras Kristof, the Founder of the project himself, I decided to bring to the table the discussion about the future of the global economy, evolving trends of DeFi, blockchain-led transformation and a growing movement of NFTs.

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