Chainlink Partners with Illuvium and TrueFi

Chainlink Partners with Illuvium and TrueFi

In a Tweet, Chainlink announced that TrueFi, a DeFi protocol for uncollateralized lending, will integrate with Chainlink. The integration will be done by adopting two new Price Feeds.

According to the announcement, “the price oracles will secure an automated coverage mechanism that uses staked TRU tokens to make lenders whole in the case of loan defaults.”

On the other hand, the rising smart contract platform also announced another integration. This time it’s with Illuvium, a collectible non-fungible token (NFT) game.

In the announcement, the Chainlink team mentioned that Illuvium will integrate Chainlink VRF to “fairly distribute limited-edition promo NFTs to randomly selected users who participate in Illuvium’s upcoming yield farming program, ensuring a high degree of transparency.”

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